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What Shed Options and Accessories Are Available?

Shed Accessories -- stuff

How to organize all that stuff?!?

Shed Accessories

Getting an outdoor shed is a great investment for keeping your valuables out of the weather. If all you want to do is drive a lawn mower in and out of the shed, you’re nearly set and ready to go. But if you plan to store a variety of things in there, or would like a place to set up a little garage or studio, you’ll need to consider shed accessories. Shed accessories fall into four basic categories:

We’ll look at each of these in turn, so you can make an informed decision about what accessories you really need, and what accessories won’t do you much good.


If you really want to maximize your shed, you have to organize it. A storage building, all by itself, is really only an over-sized, glorified box. You can get a lot of stuff in it. But if you want to access your stuff, you have to think about organization. And that’s where shed accessories come in.

Shelves. Shelves are a fabulous maximizer of storage space if they are properly planned. Shelves are to a storage shed what skyscrapers are to houses. Essentially, they give you additional “floor space” by going vertical. If you get a sturdy, reinforced wooden shelf installed by a quality builder, you can get a shelf that will never bow for maybe $5/sq. ft. Considering that a bare shed will cost you probably a minimum of $15/sq. ft, that’s a pretty good deal.

Shelves -- Shed Accessories

Shelves can double your usable storage space.

Shed Accessories--loft

A loft gives you lots of space for the money.

Loft. Lofts are essentially like shelves, only they are actually a large, elevated, platform at one (or both) ends of your storage shed. Lofts are primarily for lighter items, since you need to be able to lift the items over your head or up a ladder. Lofts may be even cheaper per square foot than shelves, making them some of the most cost effective of all shed accessories. So when you combine lofts and shelving, you dramatically increase your storage space at a fraction of the cost of the barn itself.


  • Workbench. Storage buildings can make great little garages. Whether you want to turn the entire shed into a wood-turning studio, or you want to a corner to tinker around in, a workbench is a great investment in a workspace. Workbenches differ from shelves in that they are deeper, and even sturdier. You can order them in various lengths, but expect to pay $10-15 per foot of length.
  • Pegboard. If you want to hang tools above the workbench, pegboard will be just the thing for you.
Shed Accessories -- Workbench

This workbench, built from 2×10 lumber, will stand up to a real beating.

Shed Accessories -- ramp

A ramp lets you drive a mower or wagon into your storage shed.


Ramp. Because a portable prefab shed floor has reinforcement underneath, it sits off the ground a bit. If you are walking in, it will often be only a short step up. But if you are driving in, that short step becomes a road block. You’ll need a ramp. Ramps are built the width of the door(s), not the width of the shed. They typically cost $120-200, depending on size.


  • Anchor kits. A high quality stick-built storage shed almost never needs to be anchored. These sheds are already engineered to withstand significant storms. We have seen a lighter metal shed wrapped around a utility pole after a high wind–literally. So if you have a light plastic or metal shed, an anchor kit will be an important shed accessory.
  • Roof strengthening kits. As with anchor kits, if you have a wood-framed storage shed, built like your home, this won’t be one of the shed accessories that you need. With a wood-frame shed, bearing a heavy snow load has already been designed into the roof. But if you happen to own a plastic or metal shed, you may want to check out this roof strengthening kit, as Byler Barns does not sell them.
Shed Accessories--anchor kit

Anchor kits keep lighter plastic or metal sheds from blowing away.

There are almost countless custom-design options such as different kinds of doors and windows, electrical wiring, insulation, dormers, roof design, and even porches. But storage, workplace, access, and safety are the primary shed accessories that you may want to consider. With them, you can really tailor-fit your shed to become exactly the space that will fit your needs.
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