Your Need = Our Design

“As you wish” is not just a great line from a movie. People are very different, and their shed needs are just as different. Whether you want 1 door or 3, 2 windows or 4, whether you need paint or vinyl or a dormer window to match your house, our motto is, “As you wish!” We have been in the business so long that almost nothing can surprise us. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Our shed experts will help you think through your storage needs, what kind of shed would meet those needs, and the ideal placement of your storage shed.

Windows And Doors Put Where You Need Them.

But there’s a lot more to it than just the number of doors and windows. Where those doors and windows are put make a huge difference in how friendly your shed experience is. A “one size fits all” shed may have you looking out the window at your neighbor’s wood fence instead of into your own back yard. Our design consultants have training and years of experience in helping thousands of clients get a shed that suits their situation.

Materials That Work For You

Do you want the shed to match your house? Or do you want something to stand apart, and complement it? Perhaps neither–you just want a shed that will disappear into your back yard. We will help you think through these questions, and whether vinyl or painted building will best meet your expectations.

We also help you decide what kind of roof will work best for you. For example, steel has more color options and lasts longer, but shingles may match your roof or meet HOA requirements.

In fact, We have decades of experience working with HOAs to accomplish getting you the storage you need in a way that best suits your neighborhood sensibility. Our design consultants will give you as much guidance as you wish to help you think through the questions.

Get Ideas For Your Custom Shed.

Get inspirations for your project! Thinking through what will work for you is much easier when you have some ideas to start with. Visit Our Locations to see, touch, and experience a storage shed that delivers.

We have a large selection of sheds at each of our sales lots. Come visit! There’s nothing like walking through a few sheds to give you lots of ideas for your own back yard. Take your time looking at the variety of sizes and colors, materials and styles.

Our sales people don’t just sell. They want you to get a shed that will suit your needs. But they are always available (during business hours) to answer questions and offer guidance.

Optimize With Accessories.

There’s more. You’ll want to think through how to maximize your shed. You might be surprised at how cheaply a loft or workbench can make your building worth far more to you. Dress it up with shutters, a cupola, window boxes, or dormers. Roll in on a ramp or store with style with custom shelves. As always, our design consultants help you think through the design that will work for you for years to come.

Need More Options? We Can Design And Build It!

Do you have still bigger ideas? Expand your space with a studio or office, pool house, she-shed or a man cave. We manufacture and install backyard buildings that are climate controlled and have electricity and plumbing. We can also support businesses and neighborhoods with custom guardhouses, cabins, and office buildings. Byler Barns and Backyards works with you to design the very best in outdoor buildings and storage sheds–whether they are common or unique.

Shed Design Matters. Our Experts Can Help.

Byler Barns and Backyards employs storage experts to guide you through outfitting your shed to maximize your storage space. We put over 4 decades of storage solution experience at your service. That means better service and an ideal storage shed solution for you.

As always, we warranty our work as part of our commitment to our customers. We provide full-service storage shed solutions, including delivery and installation.

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