A quality install matters. The best shed in the world, installed poorly, is no longer the best shed in the world. It can settle unevenly, causing the doors and windows to work poorly and making the floor slope. We are committed to an installation that matches the high quality of the sheds we make.

Our installation crews are top-notch! You will find them professional and courteous, and committed to a high-quality install.


We want your new shed to perform flawlessly for you. If you have any trouble with your shed, we will come out and level it up for you at no extra cost to you.


Byler Barns and Backyards builds storage sheds that are so solid, they withstand typical wind-load requirements without being anchored. If your shed is being placed in a location with extreme weather, anchor kits are available for a secure shed installation.

Site Preparation

You choose the shed location in your yard. Leave the rest to us! Most shed installations require no site preparation beyond basic and simple homeowner site preps. After that, we do the heavy lifting.


A solid and level shed foundation is vital to the functionality of your shed. You can choose from many different foundations, but the most common foundation is a simple block foundation. We do minor excavation, and dry-set the blocks in stacks, called piers. They are set to the precise specifications required by your building. And of course, they are perfectly level. We have had excellent success using the block pier method, and recommend it in many cases. Best of all, your block install is free up to a foot out of level. (Watch our delivery guys do a block set.)

Free Installation

In almost all cases, installation is included in the cost of your shed, gazebo, or play center. Delivery is free within 20 miles of your local sales lot.

Installation Starts With A Great Shed

We engineer our storage sheds with the rigors of delivery and installation in mind. Our structures don’t flinch at the high winds encountered at highway speeds. They are designed to withstand the worst jiggling and bumping that the road can give them. (Even to Tennessee. After a long, over-the-road haul of a cottage to Tennessee, the owner reported, “Not so much as a crack in the drywall that I have to repair!)

Peace Of Mind

We are licensed and insured to provide for the safety of our installers and peace of mind for you. Rest assured–your shed install is in expert hands. All Byler storage sheds are warrantied to protect you against manufacturing and installation defects.

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