Featured Sheds For Sale!

We’ve built thousands of custom sheds over the last 40 years. Visit our Gallery of Dreams for a photo tour of design ideas.

You Have Options!

People ask us sometimes for a price sheet. The reality is, our price sheet fills a 3-ring binder. We have that many options! Here are just a few of them:

  • Size. Our buildings are small enough to keep a push mower cozy (6×8), or large enough to give your truck room to sprawl out (14×36). If that’s not enough room, we’ll come to your home and build a garage onsite.
  • Style. Choose between cottage, barn, and carriage house, among others.
  • Siding. Vinyl, painted, or cedar.
  • Roof. Shingles or metal. You can also choose the pitch (5/12, 7/12, etc). You can choose also choose style–gable or hip roof.
  • Height. Most of our sheds are single-story, at 10 ft. high or less. But if you need more, we can get you in a 1.5-story shed, or even a 2-story garage!
  • Color. You can choose from literally dozens of colors.

Get Exactly What You Want.

Come to one of our retail lots and find a shed that grabs your eye. Or, custom-design a shed to your specs. Our design consultants will help you place doors, windows and other features exactly where you need them through our free shed customization service.

Quality. Quality. Quality.

We love sheds! And after 40+ years in business, we know them pretty well, too. We build our sheds to last, and last, and last. All of them. We have no cheap line. You simply will not find a higher quality, more durable, stick-built shed anywhere. Period.

Standard Features. Through the Roof.

As part of a commitment to quality, we have a list of great standard features as long as your shed. It starts below the floor, and goes to the peak of the roof.

  • Pressure-treated 4×4 skids and floor joists
  • 2×4 studs, spaced 16″ apart–just like your house
  • Double-plate on top of the stud wall–just like your house
  • 2×4 rafters, spaced 16″ apart–just like your house
  • Water-resistant LP Shed Floor
  • Radiant-barrier LP TechShield roof sheathing
  • Tar paper
  • Gable vents


Our storage sheds are warrantied as part of our long-term commitment to our customers.

We Deliver.

We have our own professionally-trained delivery crews. They will set the shed exactly where you want it. And install it. Those delivery guys take care of you. That’s our commitment to service.

Have questions? Are you ready to talk about your next shed project?