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Protect Your Vehicles With A New Garage.

Byler Barns and Backyards specializes in designing detached garages for vehicle and shop solutions. We visit you to help you determine the right size and style for your vehicle storage needs.

We will work with you to design and install single- and two-story garages with many optional features.  Choose from a number of architectural styles and features to complement the look of your home or business. We offer a huge variety of colors and materials for the right look. Our garage experts are available to guide you through the custom design process to create the ideal garage for your home, needs, and style.

You Dream It, We Build It.

We offer almost every conceivable option for your garage needs, from a simple single-car portable garage that arrives completely finished, to elaborate 3-5 car premier custom designed garages that are stick-built at your location.

You Have Options!

  • Single-car portable.  These are built at our shop, and trucked to your location.  They can be set on top of cement block piers, or on a gravel or concrete pad.  Price range: $5000-$12,000.
  • Double-wide modular These garages come mostly assembled, in two halves.  The two halves are fastened together to give you a 2-car garage.  Double-wides often sit on a permanent foundation.  Price range: $15,000-$25,000.
  • Post-frame.  Also known as a “pole barn,” this garage uses posts buried in the ground for a foundation.  Although it does not use traditional 2×4 stud wall framing, from the outside it often looks much the same.  Price range: $15,000-$30,000+.
  • Traditional wood frame.  Built like a good quality home, these often are priced as a standard package deal.  These garages can house as few as one and as many as five cars.  Price range: $20,000-$40,000+.
  • Premier custom design.  Although the structure is identical to the traditional wood frame, unlike the package deal these are custom-designed to exactly your spec’s.  Price range: $25,000-$80,000+.

Electricity?  Plumbing?  Yes, and more!

Whether you need a garage to simply store your vehicles or need a shop or an additional room in your garage, be comfortable with a structure wired for electricity, plumbing, or security. You can customize the function of your garage with your exact needs in mind. All of our garages are properly ventilated to code for the exhaust and storage requirements that come with storing vehicles.

Easy … Efficient … Done!

We’ve been designing, producing, delivering and installing storage solutions for over 40 years. Byler Barns and Backyards takes you smoothly through the design process to a turnkey garage. Our goal is to get you storing your vehicles and stuff as efficiently as possible in a garage that will last for years to come. Our garages are warrantied for your peace of mind.

Have questions? Ready to talk to us about your next garage project?

Garages We’ve Built

Check out some of the garage’s we’ve built and take a look at our Gallery of Dreams to see even more!