Choose From A Variety of Pergola Styles

The traditional, idyllic garden pergola is a feature in many backyards and gardens around the world, made popular because it is attractive and affordable. This type of structure offers partial shade and protection against the weather and is available at Byler’s in many standard sizes and colors. Pergolas can be customized to fit the precise measurements to match your needs.

#1 Milled Treated Lumber with Smooth Finish

Choose from 4 wood stains or 2 vinyl color options

Headers on all four sides for a finished look

Available lattice roofing for increased shade

The artisan pergola offers a time-honored look coupled with sturdy, construction featuring full-size lumber for its construction. This is a good choice for a classic style that will endure, with the options to choose a cedar, hemlock, or vinyl top to finish it with a time-honored look above the vinyl posts.

Full Size Lumber for a Stately Look

Available cedar top adds a sense of luxury

Low Maintenance Vinyl Available

Choose elegant column posts for a Mediterranean feel

The arched pergola comes with a curved top to create a graceful and artistic “Romanesque” look. Choose from three different designs in both wood and vinyl showcasing decorative scalloped ends, and combining practicality with appeal.

Unique curved joists available in 2 unique styles

Decorative Scalloped Ends

Available in Both #1 PTSYP or Low Maintenance Vinyl

Available in 4 stain colors to match your outdoor decor

The perfect centerpiece for romantic dinners & entertaining

The Kingston stands out as the rugged, big boy of the pergola world, built with all-cedar and supported by 8 x 8 posts and large 4 x 10 braces for extra stability. This pergola is built to stand the tougher tests of elements and usage.

Built from hand-selected all-natural cedar for beauty and superior durability

Solid 8×8 Cedar Posts

6×12 Headers for Longer Spans

2×3 purlins spaced close together provide maximum shade