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Mechanicsville, VA

5525 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
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Sales Manager: AJ White

My name is AJ White, and it is my privilege to be the sales consultant at the Mechanicsville, VA lot for Byler Barns & Backyards.

I was born in Maryland, but moved to Richmond in time to go to high school here. I met my wife, Angilena, here. We raised our son and daughter here, and are privileged to have a grandson in the area.

Our family moved to Charlotte, NC, for a number of years. After working for Wachovia National Bank, I was a sales consultant at CarMax for about seven years.. I got to meet and help a lot of folks … it was as much consulting as selling. I learned how to find out what the customer wants, what they really need, and then to help them put the pieces together. I really enjoy helping people. It’s not about forcing you into a box, but helping you figure out your thoughts.

Now I’m back in the Richmond, VA area, and enjoying the city. I enjoy reuniting with old friends. A lot has changed since I lived here before, but I enjoy city life and I love being close to my grandson.

What I love about sales is helping people. People come in, they have a need. I try to really listen to what people have to say. My grandad used to tell me, “If you keep your eyes open and your mouth shut, you just might learn something.” I think of that often, and I find that it helps me learn what people are after.

What I love about working at Bylers is the people. I enjoy the folks I work with, and I love the family environment. Everyone is willing to help each other, and I really like that.

I believe that our stuff is better than other folks’. I went and looked. I’m not just going to say it’s better, I need to know I’m telling the truth. I had a guy come in who went to a box store, and he was comparing price. I told him, you’re looking at the price of an apple, and this is an orange. I won’t always you beat on price. But I will beat you on quality. He went on his way, but we were able to shake hands and laugh. And that’s what I love about sales. I won’t sell a building to everyone, but I love being part of the community, and being here to help the people I can.



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