Choose From A Variety of Gazebo Styles

Wood vs. Vinyl Gazebo

At the heart of craftsmanship lies a strong desire to create something beautiful and enduring. Our wood gazebos take craftsmanship to a new level, giving you the long and lasting satisfaction that comes from careful construction and show-stopping design. The rich feel and look of real wood make these gazebos an appealing option that let you take the warm atmosphere of your home outdoors.

Rich, Traditional Look & Feel

Can be painted OR stained

Made from #1 Premium grade pressure treated lumber

Ten Year Limited Warranty

10x10 Country Style White Vinyl Gazebo

Vinyl gazebos retain the classic shape and look of the wood styles, but with less maintenance. Vinyl is an attractive alternative to those who want less upkeep, or want to incorporate the gazebo into a more modern style of architecture. Clean lines and brilliant finish make this an attractive alternative.

Sleek, Modern Look & Feel

Easy Clean Vinyl covered lumber

Engineered to withstand strong winds & heavy snow loads

Ten Year Limited Warranty