Frequently Asked Questions

What size buildings do you have?
Our portable buildings are as small as 6×8 (enough room for 2 small mowers) and as large as 14×36 (enough room for 2 small cars). Double-wide garages are up to 24×36. Our on-site garages and post frame garages (or pole barns) are as large as your dreams.

Which building design offers the most storage?
The Cottage and the High Wall Barn offer the maximum space. The taller wall height allow taller items such as furniture to be stored against the walls, which is not possible with the shorter 4 ft. wall barn design. Taller wall height also allows for more space to hang your items on the walls. Lofts are also a possibility on taller models.

Does it cost more to custom-design a shed?
No! Our professional design consultants will walk with you through the entire process of custom-designing a shed that is exactly what you need. This service is completely free of charge. Custom-designed buildings cost exactly the same as a similar building off the sales lot.

Do you finance?
Yes. We have flexible payment options! We offer in-house financing and Rent To Own.

What is your delivery area?
We can deliver pretty much anywhere. Even Tennessee. Our primary delivery area is Virginia and West Virginia.

How do you install buildings?
The sheds are brought from our shop in Harrisonburg (or from your sales lot) to your home on a special trailer built just for sheds. Using that trailer, we set the building down in your yard precisely where you want it. Watch a delivery and installation here.

How long does it take to get a building once I order it?
It depends. If you buy a building that is sitting on a retail lot and we’re in the slower winter season, you might get it in a few days. If you custom order a shed, getting it built and delivered could take 2-3 weeks (late fall or early winter) or 2-6 weeks (spring, summer, fall).

What do I need to do to prepare for delivery?
If your ground is reasonably level and clear of brush and debris, we prefer you not do anything. Our delivery guys will set the block foundation for your building.

Should I put down plastic or landscaping fabric to prepare for my building?
No. Sunlight can’t get under the building, so grass won’t grow there. If there’s a lot of slope under the building, you may want to put down fabric after the building is installed.

Can you build a shed onsite?
Yes. If you are not able to get a prefab shed into your backyard, we can bring out the materials and construct it in your yard.

Why are onsite buildings more expensive?
Because we can set up a production line in the shop, we can build sheds there more efficiently and therefore more cheaply. Building onsite takes longer, so our labor costs are higher.

Do I need a permit?
That depends on size and location. Usually, however, a building under 256 sq. ft. (up to 12×20) does not need a permit.

Is there a warranty?
Yes! We have a great warranty. We are proud of our sheds, and stand behind them 100%, and have since 1972. If our materials or workmanship cause you any trouble within 5 years, our dedicated service technician will repair it free of charge. There’s more than that, but that’s our base-line “iron-clad” warranty.

How long will a Byler shed last?
If maintained properly, it will last as long as your house. We’ve seen early Byler sheds from the 1970’s, before we had the quality materials that we do now, that were maintained properly. They are still in service and looking great.

Do you have flexible shed designs?
Yes! In fact, flexible designs are our specialty. For example, we can place doors and windows exactly where you want them. Additional options such as extra windows and doors, shutters, loft, and dormers are usually possible for a reasonable charge. We have design consultants who will help you design the building you want, at no extra charge for the service.

Do you do site checks?
Yes. We will be happy to come to your home to help you decide design and placement of your shed. That service is free!

What if I move?
We’ll be there for you. We get requests to move sheds all the time. We move any shed, but in busy times Byler sheds receive priority.

Which lasts longer–vinyl or wood siding?
Vinyl siding will last for decades. Nothing lasts forever, so it would eventually need to be replaced. Wood siding will last indefinitely as long as it is maintained with a fresh coat of paint, probably every 7-10 years. Read Wood vs. Vinyl Sheds — A Comparison of Shed Sidings.

Which is better–a shingle or metal roof?
A metal roof will outlast a shingle roof by 3 times–that alone is a pretty big plus. That said, the shingles we use are rated as a 30-year shingle. In reality, however, that is only a manufacturer rating–they will usually not last that long. Metal is available in a wider variety of colors. Shingles can often more nearly match your house, if that is important to you. Read THe PROS and CONS of Shingle Shed Roofs. Also read Metal Roofing PROS and CONS.

Do you use treated lumber underneath?
Yes! A distinction of every Byler shed is a pressure-treated floor system. All joists (not just the outer band) and skids are pressure-treated.

What is the foil for on the inside of the building?
We use LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing. The foil reflects radiant heat to keep your shed and stuff cooler in the summer.

Do you need to come out to our house before we purchase to make sure we can place a building in our yard?
Maybe. In most cases the answer is–No, we do not need to come out first. However, if you do not feel comfortable that we can gain access to your location, then we are more than willing to come take a look first. That service is free of course!

Can I set my garage on gravel?
Certainly. Gravel and concrete both work well for garages. If you are not storing a vehicle or tractor, blocks can also work well for your garage. Read Shed Foundation 101–The 5 Most Popular Shed Foundations.

How do you deliver sheds?
We mostly use trailers designed to deliver and set sheds. They can set a shed almost anywhere, and are pretty amazing!

Will you remove my fence and cut down my trees?
No. Because of liability issues, we cannot cut down trees or trim limbs, or move your fence. We can recommend some ways that you can get it done.

When is your next sale?
We run monthly specials, and occasional sales throughout the year.

Does Byler Barns finish the inside of a buildling?
Yes, we can. We can insulate; install electrical wiring, lighting, and outlets; and line the inside of your building. A popular option is to finish the inside with white pine.

Can my old shed be traded in?
Yes, as long as we think we can resell the shed. We try to do everything we can do to keep stuff out of the landfill, so if we can resell your shed we are happy to do so.

Do you buy back my old Byler building?
Yes. You need to know that because of what it takes for us to pick up, list, sell, and re-deliver the building, you will make more money if you can sell it yourself. But if you decide that you want us to purchase it back, we will come out, look at it, and make you an offer.

Do you offer removal of my old shed?
Yes, we will haul it away. We prefer to keep sheds out of the landfill, but if we have to haul it to the landfill there will be a modest charge.

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