14x30 Vinyl Garage

“Gasser” Drag Racer Garage

Larry Small of Stuarts Draft loves drag racing, and his outbuildings look it. He has three Chevy “Gassers:” A ’37 Chevy, a ’39 Chevy, and a ’55 Chevy. These gassers have been completely rebuilt, and are track-ready. Larry is quick to point out that he's not a mechanic, and only does very basic work on his cars. But he loves ...
14x32 2-Door Log Garage

14×32 Log Garage – “I Designed It”

Barbara Meadows lives off the beaten path in rural McGayesville, VA. She knows the value of protecting your equipment from the weather. But she also knows the value of outbuildings that enhance the beauty of the backyard.

She got the best of protection and beauty by designing her own 14×32 log garage.

The 2-car garage got her lawn mower and golf cart out of the weather. The log siding matches her log home. But there was at least one more thing she was after:
Byler Boyz Band 2016

Molly Malone — Byler Boyz Strike Again

Molly Malone would be honored, we're sure. Her cockles and muscles have been transformed into . . . well, an slightly Americanized version of her Irish ancestry. Here is a mini life story of Byler Barns CEO, Steve Byler, in honor of his 50th here in 2016. Unlike Molly, thankfully, there is no ghost to wheel his barrow.