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12×16 Shed | A Guide To Buying Or Building A 12×16 Shed

12×16 Shed | A Guide to Buying or Building a 12×16 Shed

The 12x16 shed is one of our most popular sheds. A 12x16 shed is an ideal size for most storage needs. But is 12x16 the right size for you? Before you get a 12x16 shed in your backyard, you want to be sure that it really is the right choice. We’ve guided thousands of clients in Virginia and West Virginia for over 40 years, and so we’ve prepared this brief guide to help you decide whether a 12x16 shed is what you need, and what some options are for your new shed.
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How We Build A Byler Shed Floor

How We Build a Byler Shed Floor

Why Byler? It's a question we get all the time, and we love when people ask it.

In this article, we get to the bottom of things. We'll take you inside our shop and let you watch a shed floor being built. We'll explain what kind of materials it takes to make a great floor, and how you can recognize one when you see it.

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Top 5 Self-Storage Units In Harrisonburg, VA

Top 5 Self-Storage Units In Harrisonburg, VA

If you are looking for self-storage in Harrisonburg, VA, you have a lot of options. To help you find the storage solution you need, we have compiled an unbiased list of 5 of the top self-storage units that are most conveniently located for residents of Harrisonburg.

One thing to keep in mind (besides cost!) if you are looking for self-storage solutions is ...

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Buy Or Build A Storage Shed? 5 Questions You Should Ask

Buy or Build a Storage Shed? 5 Questions You Should Ask

Should you buy or build a shed? When you're in the thick of uncertainty, you need some decision-making weapons. You need questions. You need facts.

Lots of shed companies sell pre-fab sheds, shed kits, or shed plans. But which of these is the best answer to your storage needs?

Learn what you need to know to make an informed decision of whether you should buy or build your storage shed.

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