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Our Total Trust Limited Warranty

Whether you’re investing in a Byler Barn to protect valuable equipment, precious heirlooms, or just everyday extras, you want to know it will do its job. For that reason alone, Byler stands behind every building we manufacture. We take pride in every board we cut and nail we drive because we want our customers happy. That’s why we guarantee that if any defects in material or workmanship present themselves during the warranty period, we’ll take care of it for you.

Floor to roof. Inside and out. We’ve got you covered.

Our Promise:

Byler promises to repair or replace any component that fails to perform. We’ll repair or replace damage as a result of rot, leakage, fungal decay, or structural collapse due to failure of our materials or workmanship.

In plain English:

If we slap bad shingles on your roof and it leaks, we’ll fix it.

The catch:

Oh, that’s easy—take care of the thing. Tighten those loose screws, fix the torn screen, wash the vinyl siding. All the routine maintenance that we know you’ll do as a responsible homeowner needs to be done. Need more examples?

  • If hail tears your shingles, replace them before the next rain.
  • Install proper drainage so water doesn’t enter the building.
  • Don’t let your sprinklers sprinkle your siding.

What’s not covered:

The Byler Total Trust Limited Warranty is limited to defects in material and workmanship. Damage to your building caused by accidents isn’t covered. You know, that rock your lawn mower threw, poking a hole in the siding? Not covered. Or, the baseball through the window? Not covered. Or, the car that rolled down the hill and smashed your building flat? Yeah, that’s not covered, either. At least not by your Byler warranty.

The warranty period:

While all of Byler’s Total Trust Limited Warranties offer the same coverage, the warranty period depends on the building you purchase.

  • Our Pro-Series buildings include a 5-Year Total Trust Limited Warranty.
  • Our Premier-Series buildings include a 10-Year Total Trust Limited Warranty.
  • Our Elite-Series buildings include a 15-Year Total Trust Limited Warranty.

This information is for clarification only. For complete warranty details, visit your nearest Byler location and ask a sales representative for a copy of the Total Trust Limited Warranty.

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