12×20 Shed Plans – FREE!

12x20 Shed Plans - Cover

You want a shed. And you may be wondering whether you should build your own. You’d like to save some money, but not sure whether you’ve got the know-how and skills needed to put a shed in your backyard.

But on good days you’re thinking, “Why pay someone to build my shed? I can build it myself!”

We’re here to help.

12x20 Shed Plans

This is the shed you will build with these 12×20 Shed Plans.

12×20 Shed Plans, DIY – ready!

We have created a set of 12×20 shed plans. It’s the shed we build and sell every day, our classic painted backyard shed. We’ve broken down our process, and made it DIY-friendly. Building a shed isn’t easy, but we’ve tried to make it as simple and straight-forward as possible:

  • Easy-to-read materials list.
  • 3-D illustrations.
  • Video demonstrations.
  • Numbered instructions. In native English.
  • Helpful hints throughout.

3D Illustrations

We had 3D renderings made to show the entire process of building floor to roof. These illustrations show an exact reproduction of the 12×20 shed we build. Every step along the way.

12x20 Shed Plans - 3D illustrations

3D illustrations throughout the plans make your job easier!

Video Demonstrations

We build these sheds every day. (In fact, we’ve built them for 40 years.) With video demonstrations, you’ll see how we build the shed in our shop. You get to watch the best at work.

Here’s an example, showing you how we put the sheathing on end walls. You’ll get all kinds of ideas about how to actually do it. You’ll even hear the kind of music you should listen to while you build.

Clear Instructions

You’ve seen them too. It’s those instructions that look like they are written by someone at a computer … half way around the world … who has never built a shed. DIY has enough complexity without fuzzy instructions. Here’s what the instructions look like.