12×16 Shed | Your Guide to Buying or Building a 12×16 Storage Shed

12x16 Storage Shed

The 12×16 shed is one of our most popular sheds. A 12×16 shed is an ideal size for most storage needs. It’s small enough to be portable, and to get in your backyard. But it’s large enough to easily hold a riding mower, and lots of other stuff. With a bit of planning, a 12×16 storage shed can really ease your organization struggles.

But is 12×16 the right size for you? Before you get a 12×16 shed in your backyard, you want to be sure that it really is the right choice. We’ve guided thousands of clients in Virginia and West Virginia for over 40 years, and so we’ve prepared this brief guide to help you decide whether a 12×16 shed is what you need, and what some options are for your new shed.

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How much does a 12×16 shed cost?

Our units start at about $3500 for a basic low-wall barn to $4500 for a cottage-style shed with vinyl siding. A high-wall barn is some more than that. These 12×16 sheds come standard with a set of double doors, and two windows.

If you shop around, you’ll soon find that there are cheaper sheds out there. But as with any product on the market, you’ll need to decide which is most important to you–the price you pay, or the value you get. Come in and look at our sheds — we’d love to show you the difference.

To learn more, read How Much Does a Shed Cost?

Interested in DIY?  Build the shed we build and sell every day.

Video Guide to 12×16 Sheds

Mark Plogger has years of experience in working with the storage needs of clients. Here, he explains how a 12×16 shed can work for you.

What will fit into a 12×16 shed?

A 12×16 garden shed will hold 2 zero-turn-radius lawn mowers, or 2 4-wheelers. In addition, you can add a wheelbarrow, and some garden tools and shop tools. If you add a loft, you can store your holiday decorations up high. (For some people, this saves multiple trips up a rickety attic ladder!)

The thing to remember is, you don’t want to pack out your shed. You want to be able to get in and around with it being a major operation.

The scale models below give you an idea of what will fit in a shed. (Click to expand.) Also, notice the placement of the doors (marked in blue). You’ll read more about this in a bit, but doors make a big difference in how well you’re able to use your storage space.

12x16 Shed - Scale Model Floor Plan 1

One set of double doors is the simplest door configuration. It still lets you get a mower inside and against the back wall.

12x16 Shed - Scale Model Floor Plan 3

A walk-through side door lets you park the mower just inside the double doors, but without blocking entrance to the entire building.

12x16 Shed - Scale Model Floor Plan 2

Double doors on the end make it easy to get these 4-wheelers in and against the end wall without lots of turning.

Optimizing your storage space

A 12×16 shed has 192 sq. feet of storage space. To get the most bang for your buck, there are two key ways of optimizing that space.

The first is what you would expect: shelving, lofts, and hooks. These options add a great deal of “square footage” of storage space without needing to get a larger shed.

The second space optimizer is more surprising: door placement. It sounds like it shouldn’t be a big deal, but where you place the doors in your shed really makes a difference in how much usable storage space you have. For best door design, consider these two things:

  1. What you want to put in your building? Consider what you want to put in the building, and what the best way will be of accessing everything. For example, you’ll not want to have to drive out your lawn mower after a good snow to get to your snow blower. (The photos above give you an idea of how different placements will work.
  2. How will the building face on your property? Depending on where you place your building, you’ll need to have access on a certain side or end.

12x16 Shed - Dormer12×16 dormer shed. This client solved the access problem by having double doors at the end, but added an additional side door to give easy access to the far end of the building.

12×16 Roof Styles

You have lots of options for roof styles for a 12×16 garden shed. Obviously, they completely change the look of the shed, as you will see from the photos.

The one practical change roof styles make is in storage space. The high-wall barn has more storage space than any other shed. Other than that, there’s not a lot of practical difference between different style roofs.

12x16 ShedThis is the classic 12×16 shed roof, called an A-frame or gable roof. This shed comes with metal, but shingles are also available. Click here to find out more about this shed.

12x16 Shed - High Wall Barn

A gambrel, or barn, roof gives a very different look to a building. This 12×16 shed has a high walls and a gambrel roof, which gives a huge amount of “vertical storage.” 

Shed - Hip RoofA hip roof slopes down in all directions.

12x16 Shed - Carriage House

The overhang of this 12×16 shed gives it the distinctive “carriage house” look. For more information about our carriage house sheds, click here.

Photo Tour – 12×16 Storage Sheds

Here are a few more 12×16 shed ideas to help you dream.

12x16 Shed12×16 vinyl-clad shed. A steep pitch on the roof, and plenty of overhang, give this shed a “homey” feel.

12x16 Shed - Porch

Here, a little nook porch offers some shelter from the weather.  OK … it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty sharp, too!

12x16 Shed - Vinyl High-Wall Barn

The high-wall sheds also come in vinyl. Here, the double doors are on the end. Because it’s a high-wall shed, this owner was able to put a window in each side wall, which allows a great deal more light inside.

Thanks for joining us on this tour of 12×16 sheds. Whether you’re buying or building, we hope it’s been helpful for you!

Our specialty is custom design. Although we have a good selection on our sales lots, we want to be sure you get exactly the building that will serve you for many years to come! To find out more, click here to contact us.

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